Spotify has announced that it will introduce CD-quality streaming in 2021. Now users want to know what the heist is.

It looks like SpotifyPlans to introduce a more expensive and better audio level have encountered some pitfalls.

The platform has been testing the possibility of introducing crisp “lossless” audio tracks since 2017. Last year, it unveiled Spotify HiFi, which she said would be a more expensive subscription level that provides CD-quality music so people can listen to songs “as the artists intended.”

For those who are wondering “Why is this important, my music sounds good”, the basics are that the pieces of music we listen to are compressed versions of the original recording. During this compression process, the data in the recording is shrunk to allow us to do things like having 100,000 songs stored on a single iPhone. Data crunch, however, inevitably results in the loss of some of the recording’s finer voltages. That’s why songs can sound different (read: better) when you play them on a CD instead of streaming them from your digital library.

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Lossless audio tracks, on the other hand, intentionally have more room to breathe. Like Equipment patrol present, your standard MP3 may be about a quarter of the size of the original recording. A lossless track is more than half the size of the original recording. This means that a lossless track will take up more space on your device or on the servers of a streaming platform, but will also sound significantly richer.

Spotify announced HiFi last February and said it was aiming for a 2021 release.

But 2021 has passed and people are not happy. A fresh wave of comments on a community forum entry originally posted in 2014 make it clear that users are wondering what exactly is going on with HiFi.

And Spotify’s response is… less than informative.

In a response pinned to the top of the thread, Spotify said, “We know HiFi audio quality is important to you. We feel the same and are excited to bring a Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future. “

That being said, “[W]We don’t have any calendar details to share yet.

So ETA unknown.

It’s also not clear from this answer whether Spotify plans to roll out high-quality audio to all of its Premium subscribers, or if HiFi will be a separate Premium tier. When Spotify tested lossless audio in 2017, it offered an additional $ 7.99 for the added quality. Premium currently costs $ 9.99 per month in the US

If and when Spotify adds lossless audio, it will always be behind its competition. Apple, Tide, Deezer, and Qobuz all of them already offer lossless leads.

Jack L. Goldstein