Shabby CD cases continue to haunt Karnataka BJP as 1 detainee for blackmailing minister’s son

Karnataka Cooperation Minister ST Somashekar is the latest BJP big-headed girl to face the “CD heat”. His son Nishanth complained to Bengaluru city police that the son of a powerful astrologer was blackmailing him with pictures allegedly featuring him with a model. Police arrested a young man, Rahul Bhat, in connection with the scandal.

According to Nishanth, Bhat sent him a video, threatening to expose his relationship with a model if he didn’t pay Rs 1 crore. He claims the video is tampered with and that it is not him in this shabby footage.

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Speaking to the media, he said: “I am with the BJP. People who are against me do it to tarnish my image and my father’s reputation. I have nothing to do with it. “

The father of the main accused Bhat is a well-known astrologer from Karnataka. Its close association with the state’s who’s who is an open secret. It was even raided by the income tax service in 2008.

Congressman Yashawantharaya Gouda Patil d’Indi in Vijayapura district also had problems as the accused used a mobile SIM card belonging to his daughter. The MP dismissed the charges saying his daughter was abroad and before going there she gave the SIM card to a friend called Rakesh and he appears to have abused it. Police are checking the allegations.

An embarrassed BJP high command reportedly requested a detailed report from Minister Somashekar on the whole issue.

It is interesting to note that Somashekar is one of the six ministers of Karnataka to have obtained a reprieve against the dissemination of “CDs” featuring them. After Senior Minister Ramesh Jarkhiholi resigned due to a video leak of him with a young woman, they rushed to court for a stay, sparking huge controversy in Karnataka.

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The BJP state has a history of its leaders taken in compromising positions. During BS Yediyurappa’s second term between 2008-2011, two of his MPs were in such controversies.

After the BJP returned to power through “Operation Lotus” in July 2018, the provincial deputy and former minister Kalakappa Bandi complained of being trapped by honey. After that, the Jarkiholi case rocked the state and six of his cabinet colleagues went to court to get a stay on the release of CDs allegedly starring them. Interestingly, all of them are Congressional renegades who defected from the BJP to overthrow the JD (S) -State Congress government.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has ordered a full investigation into the latest scandal. The opposition Congress demanded the dismissal of Somashekar on moral grounds.

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Jack L. Goldstein