New vinyl pressing plant opens in Middlesbrough – News

A new vinyl pressing plant, Press vinyl, is expected to open soon in Middlesbrough.

Thanks to investments from Leeds-based Futuresound Group, Press On Vinyl will have the latest manufacturing technology combined with local knowledge and experience.

The new factory hopes to help cope with the severe delays currently plaguing the independent music industry.

Due to Brexit and the COVID pandemic, UK record companies and musicians have had to wait for their vinyl orders to be placed and delivered, as currently most vinyl pressing factories are based in Europe.

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Press On Vinyl hopes to provide a better service by being based in the UK which ensures faster turnaround times.

Led by David Todd, Danny Lowe and David Hynes, the factory aims to produce 50,000 records per month.

All raw materials for production will be sourced from the region – where possible – to minimize the environmental impact of the pressing process.

In 2021, Mixmag reported the urgent delays issue and spoke to owner David Todd of the new plant, who assured us that small sets of drives would have the same access for larger orders.

“We want everyone to have the same access, whether you have 300 or 3000 series, everyone has a good time frame. We will do short runs from 100.

“We are passionate about it – local and emerging artists and labels are just as important to the industry as everyone else. Relieving capacity issues is a big thing and a big change and we can implement it immediately.

“The UK is calling for more factories, it’s not just about costs and keeping small labels afloat when we don’t have them, but for the environment. The shipping of large quantities of large discs is wreaking havoc.

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Colin Oliver of Futersound said: “Although recent restrictions have put a lot of our business to a standstill, we have been working hard in a number of areas, and when Press-On vinyl hit my radar with 2 record companies in the band I could see the issues with the UK vinyl supply and had to get involved.

“The Press-On team have enormous passion and an independent spirit and I am delighted to work more with them and to offer our expertise and the support of the group at large. “

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