New End Original’s (Far, Texas Is The Reason, etc.) ‘Thriller’ on limited purple 2xLP

New End Originalthe only album of 2001 Thriller, remains a true gem of early 2000s emo, and we’re thrilled to team up with the band and Epitaph/Jade Tree on a repress, available on translucent purple 2xLP vinyl, limited to 300 copies, and available exclusively in our shops. This is the first time the album has been released on vinyl in 20 years. Get yours here as long as they last.

Here’s what we said about the album in our Top 20 Emo Albums of 2001 list:

While many second-wave emo bands disbanded, several of the musicians started new bands, and one of those bands was New End Original, which lasted an album and was essentially a supergroup of emo greats from the 1960s. 90 from three different regions/subgenres. They were fronted by Jonah Matranga, whose previous band Far hailed from the same Sacramento post-hardcore scene that spawned Will Haven and Deftones (and who had recently begun his more stripped-down solo project Onelinedrawing); guitarist Norman Brannon and bassist Scott Winegard previously played in New York emo/post-hardcore band Texas Is The Reason; and drummer Charlie Walker hailed from the emo-turned-alt-country Midwestern band Chamberlain. And on their only album Thriller, you could hear the influence of all their different musical backgrounds. Jonah’s voice is unmistakable no matter what band he sings in, and New End Original somehow sits between the heavier Far and the softer Onelinedrawing. Punchy guitars with punk roots sounded more like Texas Is The Reason than Far, and Charlie’s gnarly, busy drumming gave it that Midwestern emo vibe. New End Original always felt too intimate and humble to really be called a “supergroup”, but some of these songs had a real concise pop feel that sounded more like what Jimmy Eat World was doing in 2001 than New End Original did. usually got credit for . It also had a dark side, like the piano ballad “Leper Song” which could have fit into the early tracks of Onelinedrawing. It’s a gem of an album that rivaled the members’ most famous bands, and it holds up exceptionally well today.

Meanwhile, Jonah’s first single line drawing (funny anecdote: what New End Original is the anagram of!) 18-year-old album (in which Norman Brannon also played a major role) comes out in June.

Flow Thriller below and grab a copy of our new variant here.

Jack L. Goldstein