Guitar virtuoso lends Grammy-winning sound to Costa Rica-inspired CD

Diego García, the ultra-skilled guitarist who performs under the stage name Twanguero, will be performing at Ventura College next week to celebrate the release of his new album, “Backroads Vol. 2.”

García’s performance is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on April 9 at the Ventura College Performing Arts Center, 4700 Loma Vista Rd.

For his latest album, also called “Carreteras Secudarias, Vol. 2” in Spanish, García ventured into the jungles of Costa Rica to find inspiration. The album was released on Friday and can be heard on all platforms. CDs will be available for purchase at the show.

García, now based in Los Angeles, began studying classical guitar at the age of 6 in his native Spain. He trained at the Valencia Conservatory under Jose Lazaro, himself trained by guitar maestro Andres Segovia.

Virtuoso guitarist Diego Garcia – known as Twanguero – will perform April 9 at the Ventura College Performing Arts Center.  His last CD was recorded in the jungle of Costa Rica.

At 16, García left home to play professionally, beginning as a touring musician on a European rock tour. During his career, he released six albums and won two Latin Grammys, among other awards.

García’s fluidity on the fretboard encompasses multiple styles and is seasoned with a sense of fun. Nylon string excursions can include classical and flamenco sounds as well as South American and Latin rhythms. Steel-string fingerpicking might be heading into Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed territory.

On the electric, flavors inspired by players from Jeff Beck, surf and rockabilly players to Nashville and Bakersfield Sound icons – including Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, whose early adoption of Fender Telecaster guitars helped propelling a distinct twang in popular music – are on the way.

Guitar geeks may also be familiar with Garcìa’s chops from his model demos from guitar-making giant Gibson and high-end manufacturer Collings Guitars in Austin, Texas, among others.

García previously performed at the Ventura Music Festival in 2018.

Tickets are $15 for students under 21 and $30 to $65 for other attendees, plus a $3 service charge. You can purchase tickets for Twanguero’s performance on the Ventura Music Festival website at The seats are limited.

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