Frank Zappa’s New CD Collection Has Strong Erie Ties

A new collection of six CDs of Frank Zappa’s music recorded in the 1970s will soon be available for music fans.

Music was recorded in concerts primarily in Erie and Edinboro.

Learn about a unique connection between this region and an iconic figure in American music.

The early 1970s were a prolific period in American music. One of the most iconic artists was Frank Zappa and his band “The Mothers of Invention”.

The 1974 band had been together for 10 years with their mix of jazz, rock & roll and offbeat lyrics.

The appeal to music fans, however, was undeniable. This appealed to fans such as Mark Tannenbaum, who saw the band perform several times while in the area.

“He made an effort to reach out to small communities and not just play like a Cleveland or a Pittsburgh, but there were many times where he secured all kinds of small venues, and that’s one of the reasons why we could see it,” said music fan Mark Tannenbaum.

The 70s were one of the most prolific periods in terms of Zappa’s music. It was gritty and inventive, much like the Rust Belt region he toured with his gigs.

When the Zappa family decided to release a six-CD set of largely unreleased songs recorded from Rust Belt concerts, the decision was made to include work from 1974. This will give the region an unbreakable bond with a unique American performance.

“For him to be memorialized and immortalized that he’s setting up is pretty cool for Edinboro. We’re a small town PA. We’re being awarded for someone who won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award said Chris Lafuria of the University of Edinboro.

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Zappa is no longer with us, but thanks to this six-CD set, his music will always be with us. Western Pennsylvania’s connection to music will also endure.

Jack L. Goldstein