Dr. Travest Hunter will release an inspirational CD

Dr. Travest Hunter will release his inspirational CD at his Friday launch party at Taste of the Triad restaurant from 5-7:30 p.m.

As we emerge from this pandemic, people need inspiration more than ever. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Dr. Travest Hunter aims to be that voice of inspiration with his CD which includes scriptures from the Bible, healing prayers and inspirational music in the background.

Hunter noticed the need for such a CD and was divinely encouraged to make the CD to help others in times of need.

“I was at home in meditation mode and during the pandemic I watched the illness, I watched the deaths and I watched all the churches close, the jobs close, people go through things, bury their loved ones and just out of my mind, I was thinking, ‘Lord, what can we do?’ “Hunter said of how the idea came to him to make the CD.

“From there I was spiritually inspired to create the Inspirational Healing CD and from there I started compiling all the healing scriptures in the Bible. I wanted to put them to some inspirational music and then on the CD it’s also a prayer for the nation It’s a prayer for national healing, state healing, local healing, people with coronavirus and all its variants It was totally born looking at the pandemic and all the depressing news. I was trying to bridge the gap between people who were getting hope and people who were building on their faith at the time. That was the total premise of the project at the time.

Hunter said people can listen to scriptures, music and prayers to stay in a positive frame of mind during such a depressing time.

What further convinced Hunter that he was on the right track was how everything seemed to fall into place when putting the CD together. Hunter says he was on the phone with a good friend, Bernard Scales, about how to make it work. Scales put Hunter in touch with a producer friend, Justin Summers, and they quickly got to work.

“These two (Scales and Summers) had already paved the way for the project to come to fruition,” Hunter said. “He (Summers) said ‘because you’re a friend of Bernard, I’m going to help you do this'” He stayed with me throughout this process to make sure everything was set up. I mean it was a three or four month process.

“The whole process of this project went smoothly. No hassles, nothing. I have to credit Jesus for it all. He is the source of inspiration and he is the source of all spiritual goodness. It was one of the highlights of the project.

Upon hearing the finished project, Hunter was overjoyed at how well his original thoughts translated into what he heard.

“When I heard it, I had to sit down because the biggest thing about hearing your own voice is ‘oh my God, I talk like that,'” Hunter said. “I had my own apprehensions and I use this CD myself. I use it every morning during my meditation time.

“One of the things we forget is that healing is always a blessing that God offers. We still praise God for the big things like cars, houses, and money, but we overlook healing as a benefit that comes from our inheritance through Christ.

Hunter will host a CD launch party tomorrow, Friday, at the Taste of the Triad restaurant from 5-7:30 p.m. For more information or to RSVP, call Hunter at 336-287-2572. There will be food and entertainment during the event.

“I wanted to officially release the project because it’s already been released on multiple digital platforms,” ​​Hunter said. “I know we live in such a digital age, but I can never forget my home. I’m a Winstonian at heart and my generation, when you want to do big things, you always leave and always come back.

“I never left and never wanted to lose sight that I’m a product of East Winston, I’m a product of Winston Black Church, I’m a product of the school system and the state of Winston-Salem. I am a product of Winston-Salem in every way. My whole family was born and raised here. With everything I’ve done, Winston-Salem has helped me and I’ve never forgotten that.”

Hearing positive feedback on his CD and knowing he helped someone in times of need are the exact affirmations Hunter was looking for when setting up the project.

“It’s a confirmation of what you were inspired to do,” Hunter said. “There is no doubt, no reservations, no hesitation that this project comes from God. I didn’t give myself those thoughts.

You can find Hunter’s CD on digital platforms such as iHeartradio, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, iTunes and Facebook.

Jack L. Goldstein