DeGroot enters Republican CD-11 primary

Former County District Attorney Paul DeGroot has officially announced his candidacy for New Jersey 11e Congressional District US House of Representatives. The longtime New Jersey resident said he would attract new, well-paying jobs while ensuring federal tax relief for the district, which includes parts of Essex, Sussex, Passaic and Morris County, where he still lives today with his wife Sharon and two young children.

As a longtime supporter of the sane military and law enforcement, the Republican plans to forge a closer relationship with the defense industry while reducing burdensome regulations on business. Her candidacy also intends to foster more advancement opportunities for women and better treatment for veterans and elders in the region.

As a congressman, DeGroot said he would defend the First Amendment by supporting the break-up of big, predatory tech companies. “Facebook and Google exercise a state monopoly on US minds, markets and wallets,” he notes. “The scale at which they operate simply cannot exist in a free society. In addition, the United States must withdraw from multinational trade agreements that relinquish our sovereignty in favor of anti-American globalists. Instead, end bad multilateral trade deals and bring supply chains home. “

DeGroot said his candidacy was catalyzed by Democratic incumbent Mikie Sherrill’s failure to protect New Jersey 11e District at two key moments in its mandate. Tropical Storm Ida was one of the state’s deadliest natural disasters over the past century. Yet Sherrill “neglected to secure appropriate federal aid for the flooded areas of Morris and Passaic County and beyond, even as New Jersey residents regularly rally to support other areas of the country in the event of a disaster. need, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Sherrill missed a major opportunity to insist on the complete repeal of the SALT cap in HR 3684, the $ 1.2 trillion investment and jobs act. “New Jersey residents are among the most heavily taxed in the country,” he says. Even though Democrats act like they’ve permanently restored tax cuts in Build Back Better laws, the fine print reveals they just raised the deduction cap for a few years before it came back at its current level. Meanwhile, the gargantuan government spending spree that accompanies it is reducing the purchasing power of all the dollars we save. “

So whether or not the Build Back Better (BBB) ​​Act passes the Senate, its previous inaction has already cost New Jersey homeowners thousands of dollars a year for the foreseeable future. If that passes, she will have helped tie just a temporary tax adjustment for New Jersey residents to a partisan and fundamental transformation in America that entrenched a socialist welfare state in society once and for all. “In the meantime, she continues to support the out-of-control spending of the Biden administration, which has contributed to soaring inflation and the disruption of the supply chain.”

The son of a firefighter, DeGroot was born and raised in Passaic County where he attended Clifton Public Schools. He commuted to Montclair State College before earning a political science degree from the University of Maryland. He received his JD from Widener University School of Law in Delaware in 1993. DeGroot found his way as a New Jersey state attorney. “For 25 years it has been a great career,” he said. “I learned to debate, argue, persuade and negotiate. I have done almost a hundred trials and resolved thousands of cases. DeGroot was eventually promoted to chief prosecutor for the Homicide, Narcotics and Internal Affairs Corruption units.

“This district deserves to have the best Republican representative in Congress and the one with the best chance of defeating Mikie Sherrill in November,” DeGroot said. “The person who is going to commit the offense; who knows how to cross-examine, knows how to debate and knows how to reach a consensus. It has been my job for 25 years. I will bring this energy and dedication to Congress to fight for this district every day.

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Jack L. Goldstein