CD Tenerife just one step away from promotion –

CD Tenerife is just one step away from promotion

CD Tenerife are just 90 minutes away from their move to La Liga, a promotion that will be decided at the Heliodoro in Santa Cruz next Sunday in front of more than 22,000 home fans. Luis Miguel Ramis’ men left Montilivi with a 0-0 draw against a Girona side who were in control at all times but were frustrated with the defensive football played by Tenerife.

The start of the game went as planned, Girona controlled the game and passed the ball from side to side trying to find a gap to break through to the well-protected CDT goal.

Tenerife barely existed in attack, and in fact only overtook the Girona midfielder in possession in the 15th minute, and it was clear neither side wanted to take any chances.

Girona came close to scoring in 38e minute after an error from Moore and Mollejo left Baena one-on-one with the Tenerife keeper, who stayed tall and deflected the skillful Girona player’s shot around the post.

The second half started with no change in the starting XI and with a big scare for Tenerife’s goal. After poor defending, León made a weak clearance and forced Soriano into desperate action. The game ended with a foul from Baena on the Tenerife keeper, who received a yellow card, but it was a big warning for the visitors.

Girona continued to dominate possession but there was no clear chance for either side, and in the 60e minute Ramis made a change by removing Mario and replacing him with Elady.

Bermejo was struggling with a calf problem on the right flank, and Girona realized this and tried to take advantage. It almost paid off for them in the 70se minute with two consecutive corner kicks, but Tenerife managed to eliminate the danger as best they could.

With ten minutes to go and the score still level, both teams made changes, Girona to try and bolster their attack and Tenerife to protect a clean sheet as the game entered its final stretch.

In the final minutes, Girona desperately tried to score, and they tried. However, in the final minute of the match, Tenerife had a chance to win after good play from Elady allowed Gallego through but he couldn’t finish the job before a startled Juan Carlos in the Girona goal.

After that there was no time for more and the final whistle brought Tenerife one step closer to the dream of promotion. This dream could come true next Sunday in Santa Cruz where the CDT will have the home advantage and this always important 12e man!

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Jack L. Goldstein