Having baby is one of the happiest moment in everyone lifes. It’s exciting and also challenging experience that would take a great courage to overcome it. As a father or mother, you might want to help support your baby’s growth into a healthy and happy toddler and become a great adult. However, you might reluctant if you don’t know how to do that. To be a great parent, you need to concern about their mental grosth, physical development and also encourage social and emotional learning of your baby. Check this article about how you should support your baby’s development.

First, you will need to promote your baby’s mental growth. Make sure that you play with them a lot, have conversation with your baby and read them a book. Another ways are listening to music together to ensure that they are developing their sense of hearing and speaking.

The next step is boosting your baby’s physical development. Make sure that your baby are active and play with them. Encourage them to continue their activity and watch them properly. You can give your baby a hand to help them pull up, balance or simply hold their hands. This way, your baby will get support to develop physically.

The last step are encourage them to do social and emotional learning. Make sure to have conversation and being responsive to your baby’s talking and body language. This way, it will encourage their emotional and social development.